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Kontractman - Recruitment Services of SCP & Co.

Kontractman is a one-stop human capital global service provider for all HR and recruitment requirements - both local and international. We are the Head Hunting arm offered by Sison Corillo Parone & Co. and is currently the preferred talent provider by most of our current clients.

We assist local and foreign employers in selecting the right people required for their organizations. We work with all levels of candidates. We assure that we will provide the exact resource needed for better efficiency.

We employ end-to-end recruitment solutions to ensure that you fill your recruitment requirements with the best talents in the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way.

We design/suggest solutions to help you achieve your recruitment goals.

Our recruitment process

Our systematic and customized approach combined with the latest recruitment technologies and strategies entails extensive discussions in order to fully understand your requirements before embarking on the recruitment process. The entire recruitment exercise will be set, from the initial pre-screening of candidates to the actual arrival of the selected candidate and even go the extra mile of maintaining post placement contacts with the successful candidates and clients to ensure satisfying work performance.

Our recruitment process covers multiple stages.


  1. Identify the Vacancy - The recruitment process begins with the manpower requisitions from Clients/Employers. These contain : posts to be filled, number of persons, duties to be performed, employment terms and conditions, and qualifications required
  2. Analyze job description and job specification
  3. Sourcing of Candidates - Database Search
  4. Posting the vacancy - Locating and developing the sources of required number and type of candidates
  5. Managing the response
  6. Short-listing - Identifying the prospective candidates with required characteristics.
  7. Arrange interviews
  8. Conducting interview and decision making
    1. telephone interview – to confirm applicant’s relevant skills, experience and availability
    2. in-person interview/tests - Includes technical interviews, aptitude and psychological tests and trade testing if required
    3. Orientation Seminar - we ensure the candidates understand the job vacancy requirements
  9. Signing of Employment Terms and Conditions – interested and qualified applicants are required to sign off on their understanding and agreement of the employment terms and conditions as a confirmation of their application.
  10. Character / Background checking - Verification of validity and authenticity of candidate's experiences,
  11. Shortlisting of Candidates whereby at least 2-3 pre-qualified candidates are being shortlisted for every job offer.
  12. Collation, collection and quality control of documents from selected candidates
  13. Transmittal of CVs of short-listed candidates to client.
  14. Interview preparation - all pre-selected candidates are given comprehensive orientation on the profile of the hiring company

B. Client Selection Process

  1. Arranging Client final interviews/tests
  2. Client Interview - (telephone, video conferencing or personal interviews)
  3. Client selection & Decision Making- Finalizing selection with clients, including the terms and conditions
  4. Job Offer and Signing of Contract of selected candidates
  5. Confirmation of candidates acceptance of the job offer
  6. Pre-employment Medical Examination – to ensure the medical fitness of all selected candidates by requiring them to undergo medical examination with duly accredited medical clinics.
  7. Orientation Seminar – For the successful candidate, moving to a different work can be a challenging experience. As such, we endeavour to alleviate such stress and worries through our orientation and seminars.
  8. Value and Positive Attitude Seminar – Our team promote the right values and attitudes needed in the line of work through seminars and briefings for their safety measure and proper decorum in their respective work.
  9. Documentation Formalities
  10. Post placement candidate follow-up

Our team will work together with your organization through the entire process to bring you the quality candidates that match your requirements.

Contact us for more information on how we can be of help to you.

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Ma. Richilda Paguio
Recruitment Department Head

Ms. Paguio, Sison Corillo Parone and Companys head of the Recruitment Department leads the kontractman services we offer. With her dedication and team leading ability, the company are able to serve clients with services that they truely deserves.

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