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System Software Implementation Services of SCP & Co.

We are not just your ordinary accounting firm. We will also help you implement system software that can assist you in achieving your company’s goals. We offer wide-array of accounting software implementation and consultation such as QuickBooks, ERP software such as NAV and AX. Furthermore, we have developed Aktus Payroll Suite, payroll software that will make payroll processing less complicated.


Main Page : QuickBooks

Looking for the BEST accounting software for your business? Are you tired of doing your own bookkeeping? Are you having problem keeping receipts and staying organized? Are you looking for software that does your bookkeeping and keeping your business organized all of the time?


We’ll provide solutions to all your accounting problems.


What is Quickbooks? How QuickBooks Can Help You

It is the No. 1 rated small business financial software!

Quickbooks can help you….

  1. Organize Your Finances - By Keeping Information in One Place QuickBooks puts your sales, expenses, and customer & vendor profiles at your fingertips. That way you can quickly find what you need when you need it, including money coming in and money going out of your business.
  2. Track Sales & Expenses - With Professional Invoicing and Payment Tools, QuickBooks helps you easily track sales, create professional invoices, and receive payments from customers. QuickBooks also tracks your expenses and categorizes them so you can analyze your spending.
  3. Make Tax Time Easier - With Reliable & Complete Records, QuickBooks organizes your financial records throughout the year, so finding the information you need for tax time is easy. Your tax accountant, if you have one, may also spend less time completing your paperwork.

It's Easier Than Spreadsheets

Unlike spreadsheets, , Quickbooks is easy for anyone to pick up. The built-in accounting functions of , Quickbooks organize and calculate your finances for you. With spreadsheets, you have to program the accounting formulas yourself, which can result in costly errors if you're not careful.

It's Faster Than Manual Bookkeeping

With manual methods, it can be tedious and time-consuming to find needed information.

A pen-and-paper approach can take up lots of your time and energy, , Quickbooks automates your accounting so you spend less time on everyday tasks. You can also use the search tool to quickly find everything you need.

It Syncs Seamlessly with Your Bank Accounts

If you do all your banking online, you can save even more time while working in , Quickbooks instead of reentering your bank and credit card transactions, download them securely from over 3,000 participating financial institutions and easily import them into , Quickbooks.

Main Page : Navision

Advantageous, innovative and practical are just some of the words that can be used to describe Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which on basic terms is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software made by Microsoft. On a deeper level of understanding, it is a product that integrates accounting, finance, customer relationship management and many other departments of your business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an essential ingredient for your business to able to move towards being successful and productive.

A feature of this product includes the option to use Microsoft SQL Server as the DBMS (Database Management System). Although it requires more maintenance than the classic database, it makes tasks easier when coping with large database sizes. Another great feature is it’s “out of the box” functionality. Also, this has an “ERP System construction set”, which is also called a standard feature set. It is essential for easy and rapid customization for the said software, making there no need for complex servers that avail much time and construction.

The benefits are just as fascinating as the features. In terms of financial management, it helps you efficiently manage your cash flow, your payables, receivables, inventory, and purchases. As for customer relation management, it increases revenue in both field and customer services, it helps easily launch marketing campaigns, tracks customer activity and manage sales and after-sales.

It offers modern management, simple integration and the “best of both worlds” in terms of services.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, accommodating and innovative. A product with integrity and a great level of satisfaction, a product needed for any business to become a success.

Microsoft Dynamics Axapta (AX)

Main Page : Axapta

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a feature-rich accounting software system and a powerful ERP solution in one for midsize and larger organizations. With its diverse and flexible feature set as well as agile functionalities it can be used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, retail, professional services, and the public sector.

Recognized as a leader for ERP, Microsoft Dynamics AX has proven to have a clear vision and ability to execute. Microsoft not only has the ability to understand customers' needs but also to translate them into their products and services. This is shown in the breadth and depth of functionality and high rate for ease of adapting and overall simplicity of Microsoft AX. While it provides comprehensive, core ERP functionality for financial, human resource and operations management, AX aims to empower its users with its easy-to-use and rich user interfaces.

Strengths of Microsoft Dynamics AX

All-in-one solution – has a healthy mix of strong and out-of-the box functionalities for the selected industries, combined with add on products preferred by the customers. It has integrated and adaptable ERP and (customer relationship management) CRM applications that are helpful in quick, well-informed, and sound decision making.

World-wide features – serves with different versions (e.g. English, Spanish,) and has features that are very strong for companies who need multi-language and multi-currency support.

Customization capabilities – user can easily create customized fields assigned to a category which would appear across the AX product on the appropriate user screens. It also supports designing of customized reports without seeking expensive consulting help.

Stronger, faster reporting – eliminates time-consuming, error-prone manual processes, and ensures timeliness of reports. With more efficient automation of processes within your organization, your people can work quickly and focus on other priorities.

Accurate and real-time information – ensures automatic update and easy sharing of information as the same time as the system receives data. This will enable you to make more accurate estimates and to respond to clients promptly and in more detail.

Aktus Payroll Suite

Main Page : Payroll System

Indubitably payroll function is indispensable in every business. In fact it is one of the most time-consuming functions/tasks in business operations. That is why business owners tend to outsource their payroll functions to various service providers. Others however do their payroll functions with the help of computer software. Aktus Payroll Software provides more accurate data as to computation of salary, additions, deduction, as well as tax calculations.

The following are the benefits Aktus Payroll Software can provide:

  1. Lesser human factor hence, it is most likely to give accurate data. Because of the many factors to consider when computing one’s salary such as the deductions, overtime pay, absences, and many others, manual computation tends to be so confusing and exhausting. This would often lead to errors in computation. With AKtus Payroll however, human’s participation is to enter the data and the system will do the rest.
  2. Enables you to save time and money. There will be no need for you to compute each deductions and additions for every employee thereby allowing you to save more time. And because you won’t be paying longer hours for the payroll preparation you will likewise be able to slice off overhead expenses.
  3. Enables you to pay employees on time. Managing payroll functions is very confusing and eats up most of your time. So if you want to pay your employees on time you will be burning lot of candles. However, things will be much faster and easier with the use of Aktus Payroll Software.
  4. Monitors and tracks leaves, overtime, and other deductions. Aktus Payroll enables you to monitor the total number of leaves incurred of each employee, as well as total earned overtime pay.
  5. Generates pay slips. Pay slips can be printed and be given immediately to the employees, either personally or via electronic mail.

Further, here at SCP, we have pool of experienced and certified ITs that can readily provide on-site support to help you address technological issues in an instant. We provide on-site as well as remote support services 24/7 thereby allowing your company to get back to its operations right away.

Contact us for more information on how we can be of help to you.

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Aiza P. Camua
Systems Director

She started her professional career as an Audit and Accounting Specialist 9 years ago under the company’s outsourcing programs to various nationally recognized firms. After which, our speaker has ventured into Payroll Management, Financial Analysis, Taxation and Systems Implementation consultancy field for local and multinational companies of various industries like construction, outsourcing, manufacturing, service and retail. She was assigned several times in Singapore to handle systems implementation and accounting for a multinational company. She also handled the foreign finance and accounting outsourcing for client companies in the US and Australia.

Those financial know- how were coupled with comprehensive technical trainings in International Financial Accounting Standards, Philippine Income Taxation, Payroll and Government Compliances, Corporate Strategic Planning, Project Management, Business Analysis and Systems Implementation leading to her outstanding performances that were appropriately acclaimed by our well known clients. Thus, the company’s financial consultancy and systems implementation business is now under her professional guidance.

Her strong professional credentials were rooted from her exemplary academic achievements, being a constant Academic Honouree in the field of accounting during her college years. She graduated with a Cum Laude equivalency in her accounting course. Currently, she is a QuickBooks Pro-Advisor Consultant, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Certified Professional.

Frequent speaker and trainer to various accounting, tax, payroll and systems implementation.
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