October 15, 2019 – Tuesday

REGISTRATION – FY ending Sept. 30, 2019
• Permanently Bound-Loose leaf books of accounts/invoices/receipts and other accounting records shall be presented together with a sworn statement attesting to the correctness of the entries made, and the number of all invoices, receipts, books of accounts used for the period covered
• List of Medical Practitioners – CQ ending Sept. 30, 2019
• Quarterly List (with monthly breakdown) of contractors of government contracts entered into by the Provinces/Municipalities/Barangays – CQ ending Sept. 30, 2019
• Monthly Summary Report/Schedule of Transfers of Titled and Untitled Properties by City or Municipal Assessors, RDs and LRAs – Month of Sept. 2019
• Summary List of blank OCTs/TCTs/CCTs issued to all RDs – Month of Sept. 2019
• Copy of Quarterly Updates of Assessment Roll (List of existing Tax Declaration of Real Properties) from LGUs thru its Local Treasurer – CQ ending Sept. 30, 2019
Quarterly Summary List of Machines (CRM-POS) Sold by all machine distributors/dealers/vendors/suppliers – TQ ending Sept. 30, 2019
• 1704 together with the applicable attachments – FY ending Sept. 30, 2018
• 1707A together with the applicable attachments by corporate taxpayers – FY ending June 30, 2019
• 2200M Excise Tax Return for Mineral Products – CQ ending Sept. 30, 2019
• 1702 RT, MX & EX by Corporations, Partnerships and Other Non-Individual Taxpayer together with the required applicable attachments – FY ending June 30, 2019
e-FILING – Month of Sept. 2019 – eFPS filers under Group A
• 1601C
e-PAYMENT – Month of Sept. 2019
• 1601C
• Individuals whose total income tax due exceeded Php 2,000 and who elected to pay in two (2) equal installments.

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