December 06, 2019

8 Sunday
SUBMISSION – Month of Nov. 2018
• Transcript sheets of the following:
2.08-ORB (A-1) 2.43-ORB 31.18-ORB
2.08-ORB 2.61-ORB 31.27-ORB
2.11-ORB 2.68-ORB 31.46-ORB
2.14-ORB 2.69-ORB 31.46-Auxiliary Register Book (L71/2)
2.17-ORB 2.69A-19-ORB 38.01-ORB
2.17a-ORB 2.70-ORB 398 ORB
2.20-ORB 2.83-ORB 398-1 ORB
2.36-ORB 31.01ORB(L7)
• Transcript sheets of ORB used by manufacturers/assemblers, importers of excisable articles and wholesalers of automobiles
e-SUBMISSION – Month of Nov. 2018
• Monthly e-Sales Report for all taxpayers using CRM/POS with TIN ending in even number

“Deadlines which fall on Weekends, Holidays and Non-Working days shall automatically be moved to the next working day.”

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