September 30, 2019 – Monday

REGISTRATION – FY ending Aug. 31, 2019
• Computerized Books of Accounts & Other Accounting
Records in electronic format properly labeled with the
information required under existing revenue issuances
together with affidavit attesting to the completeness,
accuracy and appropriateness of the computerized
accounting books/records
• Annual Inventory List with required applicable
schedules (hard & soft copies) of finished goods, work
in process, raw materials, supplies and stock-in trade of
taxpayers – FY ending Aug. 31, 2019
• Attachment to e-Filed 1702 RT, MX & EX – FY ending
May 31, 2019
e-SUBMISSION – FQ ending Aug. 31, 2019
• Quarterly Summary List of Sales/Purchases by a VAT
Registered Taxpayers – eFPS

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