CPD Units for Accountants: Dispensable or Indispensable?

CPD Units for Accountants: Dispensable or Indispensable?

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by JOP

Learning is a continuous process. It should not stop from graduating from college or post graduate degrees. It helps a person acquire new knowledge and modify skills learned and eventually become more efficient and effective at work or in anything that we do. As Accountants, we can acquire new learnings by attending different trainings and seminars. Aside from the fact that you need this for you to grow personally and professionally, it Is also mandated by the law that an Accountant should comply with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement to renew your license.

One main concern is that CPD units for Accountants here in the Philippines increase from 60-unit requirement to 120-unit requirement. So, what does this means? It means that Accountants should have attended 120 credit units of training before they can renew their license, and 120 units mean additional cost from your budget, aside from the fact also that you need to allot time to attend such seminars and trainings.

Now, is CPD units for Accountants really dispensable or indispensable? I think for me it is indispensable, why? Because aside from the fact that “learning is a continuous process” and will help a lot in gaining new ideas and concept in our respective fields, it is also mandated by law. Accountants need not to worry also with the registration or participation fees for such training for there are some private organizations  that offer training at a lower cost. Check out professionalsofthefuture.com they offer trainings at a lower cost. We also need to be resourceful as well in searching for these private organizations that holds affordable seminars.


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