Filipino CPAs are now ready to become an ASEAN CPA

Filipino CPAs has remained competitive and at par with the ASEAN standards. With the combined effort of BOA and PICPA, Filipino CPAs can now apply to become an ASEAN CPA.

The ASEAN CPA title will provide you with market access to the rest of ASEAN member states, offering new opportunities in the highest growth economic regions in the world.

“We should all be ready to face the competition from the other ASEAN countries that will result in challenges to our accountants,” said Chairman Tan-Torres.

You can check if you are eligible to apply by referring to PRC Resolution No. 1120 (A) s.2018:

  • graduated with an accredited accountancy degree
  • passed the CPA licensure examination program recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the PRC;
  • with valid PRC registration and Professional ID
  • with 3 years cumulative relevant experience (5 years from passing CPA licensure)
  • complied with required CPD training, and finally with PICPA Certification for ACPA
  • has been issued a Certification for ACPA application by the Accredited Professional Organization (APO) and PRC that the applicant has no record of any violation of technical, professional or ethical standards, local and international, applicable to the practice of accountancy

To become an ASEAN CPA means you can be able to take advantages of the demand for accountants in Singapore, Malaysia and other ASEAN countries and consider employment in these countries. ASEAN CPAs are legally allowed to provide accountancy services in ASEAN markets without having to undergo extensive re-training or re-qualification procedures.

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