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Doing Business in the Philippines

3 Reasons Why Philippines is the Best Place for Business

Aside from the breathtaking spots and rich natural resources the country can offer, Philippines is one best place for setting up a business too. Foreign companies who decided to set up a business in the country presented these three primary reasons why they prefer doing business in the country.

First: Best English Speaking Country

English is the medium of instruction in the Philippines from primary schools, to secondary and up to tertiary. Because of that, the country is considered the third largest English-Speaking country in the Asian region making the Filipino workforce a notch higher than in any other neighboring countries. In addition, the country has produced, and is still producing, thousands of professionals all over the country.

Second: Best Location for Business

Asia has developed to becoming one of the fastest improving continents, in terms of business and trade. And because Philippines is situated at the core of Asia, it is indeed a perfect place to set up a business. It is just a few hours, by plane, away from other Asia’s capital countries.

Third: Best Place to Save

Putting up a business in the Philippines is no doubt way much cheaper than in any other country. For instance, wages are one-fifth (1/5) lesser from what is paid in the U.S. Also other necessities such as electric, telephone and accommodation are estimated to be fifty (50%) percent lighter as to that of the U.S. Most companies that are currently doing business in the Philippines vouched that they were able to save business costs approximately about 30% to 40%.

Those are just the three primary reasons why doing business in the Philippines would be best for your business plans. To top it all, Filipinos are known to be hardworking, dedicated and customer-friendly people.

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