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Trainings and Seminar of SCP Accounting Firm

Last Update Date: August 2013

SCP Philippine accounting firm offers training seminars that guaranteed you to learn and improve in different aspects in the world of business industries. Those trainings are given by well trained individuals and professionals on their specialty field in a very friendly environment. Training with us helps you encourage to learn more and more and use this learning to become successful in your career.

Our trainings include Soft skills, Technical Skills, Investment and Wealth Management Topics, Franchise Topics and Entrepreneurship Topics.

Soft Skills Training

Main Page: Soft Skills Training

We offer soft skills trainings that can be an advantage for you or for your men in work place and in your clients. This trainings include topics such as "Investment and Wealth Management", "Estate Planning", "Sales and Negotiation", "Coaching and Mentoring", "Winning Positive Attitude", "Supervisory and Leadership Training", "Customer Service", "Communication Skills", "Powerful Presentation Skills", "Interviewing Skills", and "How to Keep Good Employees".

Technical Skills Training

Main Page: Technical Skills Training

Aside from our soft skills training, SCPs Philippine accounting firm also offers technical skills topics that will enhance technical capabilities of the trainees that they can use for businesses. Those technical skills are available to anybody who is determined to do things they need to accomplish such as taxation for business and wealth.

We offer the following technical skills topics: 1.) Financial Management; 2.) How to Handle BIR Audit and Common Business Tax Issues; 3.)Year-End Tax Planning; 4.) Common Errors of Accountants in the Field of Taxation; 5.) How to Prepare Mandatory BIR Reports and Tax Updates; 6.) Seminar on Tax Updates; 7.) Fringe Benefit Tax and Witholding Tax on Compensation; 8.) Corporate Income Tax; 9.) Accounting for Non-Accountants; 10.) Business Fraud; 11.) Payroll Management and Corporate Compliance; 12.) Business Process Review and Analysis.

Franchise Training

Main Page: Franchise Training

Franchise training will give you big scope with franchising from its benefits to building your own franchise. This training also help you to understand franchising and learn how you could make it become successful. It also give you ideas on managing franchises with the help of Tips and Techniques that will also be part of the training. SCP Philippine accounting firm offer this for everyone who wants to become a franchiser today and tomorrow.

Be a good franchiser today and become successful tomorrow by learning with our franchising topics seminars.

Entrepreneurship Training

Main Page: Entrepreneurship Training

Here at SCP, we train you how to start your own business from the kind of business to be built based on the economy of the country. Where you must build a business that will surely succeed and how to build it at the right time. We also help you to learn how to make your business grow bigger at the same time, having a secure and healthy business that will grow higher.

For those who already have their own businesses, our Firm offers trainings for "Maintaining Business", "Rebirth Business" and more tips and techniques to achieve a better income and bring success to your company.

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Alina Corillo - Sison (CPA, CIA : Partner)
Senior Partner
Alina Corillo - Sison

Ms. Sison has over thirteen years of extensive experience in finance, controllership, internal and external audit, and taxation. She established the Firmís services in internal audit outsourcing, finance and accounting outsourcing, tax, and business registrations and permits.

She was a former Finance and Administration Manager of a German multinational Company, Accounting Manager and Internal Audit Manager of Philippine Seven Corporation (the operator of 7-eleven convenience stores in the country). She was also previously connected with Sycip Gorres Velayo & Co. GV-Ernst and Young International) in the Assurance and Business Advisory Division for five years.

She is a Certified Public Accountant and internationally (US) certified as Certified Internal Auditor.

She is a graduate of the University of the Philippines and an active member of (1) Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants, (2) National Institute of Accountants in Australia, (3) Institute of Internal Auditors (4) SOX Compliance Professional Association, (5) Association of CPA in Public Practice and (6) Personnel Management Association of the Philippines.

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